Dekker Chrysanten

Dekker Chrysanten


“It is our job to lead the developments in the chrysanthemum sector – through high quality breeding and innovation – and to implement these developments with respect for the environment.”

Dekker Chrysanten is one of the largest chrysanthemum breeders in the world. The company, which develops and markets new chrysanthemum varieties, has its own production facilities in Hensbroek and Tanzania. The sales offices are located in the Netherlands, South Africa and Colombia. A test site has also been set up in Colombia and South Africa.

Our experience & know-how, innovation, international expansion and breeding of new varieties, make us stand out from the competition and are fundamental to our success.


“Our customers are critical and demanding, and search for ultimate perfection when it comes to chrysanthemum cuttings.”

Our customers, chrysanthemum growers located worldwide, are critical, demanding and in search of the perfect chrysanthemum cutting. As plant breeders, we are constantly striving to offer top quality, uniformity and 'just in time' delivery, in line with our clients' expectations. Dekker Chrysanten responds to these requirements by continually investing in new developments and required equipment.

With regard to technological advancements, we need to uphold our name. We are leading in the areas of  process automation, ICT and energy supply (CHP) and have many patents to our name.


“Dekker Chrysanten is the inspiring supplier of innovative varieties.”

Dekker Chrysanten’s focused breeding programme concentrates on searching for distinctive shapes, new colours and favourable growing qualities. When the breeder and grower develop and produce new varieties, based on their knowledge and intuition, predictions regarding consumer behaviour and preferences in colour and shape are also taken into consideration. The bar is set high: of the thousands of seedlings produced each year, only a few satisfy the strict selection criteria demanded for market introduction. In addition, we invest in both fundamental and practical research within technical areas relating to breeding and growing.


”Marketing according to Dekker Chrysanten; “Growing opportunities together.”

Dekker Chrysanten promises its customers that by working closely together, it can create opportunities which can be translated into fruitful market concepts. Together we make a difference because everyone achieves more by working together.  Dekker Chrysanten opens up new opportunities for its customers.


Dekker Chrysanten; Make the world more colourful.