Dekker Selections

With Dekker Selections, you'll always have the newest, most promising chrysanthemums in your shop window. We also cater for each of the seasons with matching colours. The selected chrysanthemums are always supplied by our regular growers.

Dekker Selections Spray

We deliver our chrysanthemums in mix boxes under the name Dekker Selections. A Dekker Selections is a box with sixteen bunches of chrysanthemums in eight different varieties in various colours and types of flowers. While this concept was first available only for spray chrysanthemums, Dekker Selections will also be available for disbud chrysanthemums as of mid-2018.


Dekker Selections Disbud

The disbud chrysanthemum now also has its own Dekker Selections. The concept is the same, with the exception of the number of stems. The disbud version contains 60 stems, divided over six different varieties. The varieties that can be found in the disbud Dekker Selections include Pjotr, Aljonka, Antonov, Bombelini, Momoko, and Willem Orange. This version is also available all-year round.