Dekker Chrysanten

Dekker Selections Disbud

Dekker Chrysanten is now also introducing Dekker Selections for disbud chrysanthemums

Dekker Chrysanten has already enjoyed a few very successful years with Dekker Selections among buyers wanting to purchase smaller quantities of chrysanthemums. That is why a similar concept for disbud chrysanthemums is now being introduced. Every box of 60 stems contains six varieties in different forms and colours.

Through Dekker Selections, Dekker Chrysanten has provided an effective response to the wishes of smaller customers. It is important for this group to have access to a broad spectrum of varieties and colours with which to produce bouquets and arrangements. This led to the compilation of a mix box containing 16 bunches of chrysanthemums in eight different varieties.

Available all year round
The disbud chrysanthemum now also has its own Dekker Selections. The concept is the same, with the exception of the number of stems. The disbud version contains 60 stems, divided over six different varieties. The varieties that can be found in the disbud Dekker Selections include Pjotr, Aljonka, Antonov, Bombellini, Momoko and Willem Orange. This version will also be available all year round, as will the spray Selections.

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