Trade talk: FlowerForce

Every month we use Trade Talk to highlight one of the trading parties that sell varieties of Dekker Chrysanten. We learn more about the company, the relationship with Dekker Chrysanten, and the experiences with one of the many varieties that Dekker has launched on the market.

This month, we visited FlowerForce

At the core of the global flowermarket!

With many loading docks on the auction site of FloraHolland Naaldwijk, one simply cannot miss them: FlowerForce. This modern company focuses on supplying flowers, plants, foliage, and decorative materials to parties all over the world. No is not an option, and everything is handled with a big smile by the passionate team. One of those passionate people is Kjell Duijvenstijn, co-owner and still actively involved in purchasing and selling their products.


Young, fresh and enterprising

At 28, Kjell can rightly be called a young entrepreneur. But this man comes with a focus! It was clear to Kjell from an early age that he, like his father, would be working in the flower industry. Initially, it started with a summer job at Lowlands, not knowing that this company would eventually grow into the current FlowerForce, of which Kjell is co-owner. But Kjell is not the only young person who is committed to FlowerForce. At the office in Naaldwijk, in addition to the “old hands,” there are also many young talents at work. But despite the different age categories in the FlowerForce workplace, every team member has one thing in common: an unprecedented drive to progress!

The WOW-factor

That they are focused on growth and progress at FlowerForce becomes apparent from almost everything you come across at FlowerForce. Digitization plays an essential role within the company, they respond to upcoming trends, and the company positions itself as a true knowledge partner within the entire flower and plant industry. In all this, the focus in on the customer, or "partner" as FlowerForce prefers to call it, and the company continuously strives to deliver the WOW-factor.

The world at their feet

With a clientele spread over many different countries, the world is literally at their feet. Daily, they supply more than 30 countries, with FlorwerForce being a specialist in supplying delicate flowers for special occasions such as weddings and other events. Of the share of flowers traded daily by FlowerForce, 35% concerns chrysanthemums. Every week there are about 300,000 branches that are exported by FlowerForce, and the entire package of Santinis, spray chrysanthemums, and disbudded chrysanthemums is covered by them.

A winner within their assortment

One of the chrysanthemums traded in large numbers by FlowerForce is Altaj, the white spray chrysanthemum that was introduced by Dekker Chrysanten in 2020. Altaj is characterized in particular by its beautiful flower petals, its fresh appearance due to the white flower with a green heart, and its outstanding transportability. Initially, the flower was eagerly sought after from distant countries, but FlowerForce is now also seeing a significant increase in demand for Altaj closer to home. It is precisely because of the positive characteristics of the variety that Altaj is a real winner within their assortment!

Watch the interview with Kjell from FlowerForce!