Zentoo introduces Big Chief and AAA Doria Cream

Two new suitable colours to use in arrangements and bouquets at Easter. Big Chief and AAA Doria Cream are offered through Zentoo webshop and auction clock.

Big Chief

The chrysanthemum has many flower shapes and colours. A flower shape like Big Chief was previously unavailable! Large flowers, semi-filled with a huge fresh green heart. During an extensive test phase, well-known stylists have already been introduced to this innovation in a positive way.

VBN code: 123286
Grower: Zentoo
Information: Big Chief

sp Big Chief 01 tak web

AAA Doria Cream

The Doria family grows! This soft pastel shade fits perfectly with the extension of the existing colours.
AAA Doria cream is a symbol of spring. AAA Doria cream has the perfect colour to combine in any flower arrangement.

VBN code: 124541
Grower: Zentoo
Information: AAA Doria Cream