The best chrysanthemums deserve their own brand

Dekker not only stands for a high-quality and extensive product range of chrysanthemums, but we also develop our own brands to bring these varieties onto the market in a targeted manner.


A chrysanthemum with African roots, 30 to 40 small flowers per stem, and a friendly, sweet appearance. A chrysanthemum with endless possibilities for mono bouquets, mixed bouquets, and flower arrangements. A complete product range with eight varieties, each of which exude the magic of Africa. This can only be the Madiba®, a completely new segment in the chrysanthemum market.
Developed by Dekker Chrysanten.

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Kiku flowers groen

AAA Kiku Flowers

In the world of finance AAA is the highest possible rating a financial institution can have. We now have this status for ornamental plants too.

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How many of our famous varieties do you know?

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