Varieties in the spotlight

The varieties that transformed the world of chrysanthemums
All varieties of Dekker Chrysanten are special. But certain varieties are truly unique, as they have incredibly rare characteristics. So, which varieties do you simply have to meet?

MyWhite: It’s just not a colour

Officially, white is not actually a real colour; neither is black. White is purely reflected light rather than a colour. Nevertheless, white – like other colours – has many associations. White represents purity, unspoiltness, and cleanliness. It is a clinical and immaculate colour, giving professionals such as doctors, chefs, and scientists a hygienic appearance. Even in personality tests, the colour white has a special significance. Anyone who names white as their favourite colour is more likely to have traits such as perfectionism, reliability, and sincerity. Perfect, pure, and long-lasting: is it just coincidence that there is now a chrysanthemum called MyWhite, possibly in your favourite colour?

3D foto My White 783x600
3D foto Yellow strike 790x600

Yellow Strike: the perfect pitch in chrysanthemums

Yellow Strike: It is the ultimate high for a baseball pitcher: pitching the ball just right so the batter can't do a thing with it; he reacts too late or he wasn't standing right. Three strikes and he's out, heading back to the bench. Pitching at the highest level takes years of training, an experienced eye, and an infallible hand. Surely it's no coincidence that these are also the characteristics of a top chrysanthemum breeder, developing a variety that scores a home run? Just look at the variety Yellow Strike by Dekker Chrysanten. It is just such a variety that gets the crowd on its feet. What a perfect pitch!

Mona Lisa Elite: where art meets science

The mysterious smile of Mona Lisa in the painting by Leonardo da Vinci, protected by bulletproof glass at the Louvre in Paris, has been the subject of much research and conjecture. Was it really a smile? And why wasn't it a wholehearted smile? What we do know is that Da Vinci took fifteen years to complete this masterpiece. The end result was as much science as it was art: in order to produce the portrait, he studied human emotions and the movements of the muscles around the mouth. One of the most famous paintings in the world will always retain an element of mystery. The mystery also lives on in the chrysanthemum Mona Lisa Elite which – like the painting – brings art and science together!

3D foto Mona Lisa Elite 715x600