Varieties in the spotlight

The varieties that transformed the world of chrysanthemums
All varieties of Dekker Chrysanten are special. But certain varieties are truly unique, as they have incredibly rare characteristics. So, which varieties do you simply have to meet?

sp soleado 3D


Love stories should be long, but life’s great pleasures should be short, like a stolen kiss or a perfect ray of sunshine on a summer morning. What’s done is done, but memories of the ephemeral will last an eternity. And sunny days will return, after the rain, wind, and snow. They will always return, and their memory will live forever on the skin and in the mind, under the perfect form of a yellow flower, as harmonious and powerful as a solar explosion.

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It is told in Genesis that what first sprouted from the earth came before Adam’s footprint upon it, so that the first message was already made when man was created. And this message was green. And it was beautiful and delicate. Creation is always sublime green, because green unites us, it speaks to us, it transports us, it informs us, it converts words into emotions and it will always be green, intense and eye-catching, that most grabs our attention, because green symbolizes hope, and there is nothing more constant than the hope that something good will happen.


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sp memphis 3D vrijstaand 783px


When rivers flow, they take the essence of many places and cultures with them. They have the power to give the earth that they feed the capacity to create a wonder in the shape of a powerful, delicate and intense purple flower: the garden queen. In Memphis, a city nourished by the Mississippi, Elvis, the King, the greatest of the great, found the encouragement and the energy to immortalize himself, just like everything noble and good, just as is achieved by magic, spirituality, creativity and dignity.



Envy is inevitable when someone has what everyone else wants. Loyalty, optimism, joy and a long life. What else could you want from life? But if no-one can give you this, a green chrysanthemum that symbolizes these four desires will always remind you of them, so that you never lose your way, so that your compass always directs you towards what you yearn for. Never give up hope. Life is worth it.

di bombellini 3D
sa uva 3D


Grape is fullness. Whether it’s that which we drink as fruit of the vine, that we breathe as a noble aroma of a violet flower, or that which enraptures us with its colour, present in abundance in nature, grape is the tone of the highest sentiments, from creative passion to faith and piety. This is a floral wonder: a single colour, multiple sentiments. A single stem, numerous flowers that remind us that power also underlies delicacy.


Happiness is also yellow. Friendship is as important as anything that man can sow and cultivate. If it is true friendship, it can survive all weather, all tests and all adversity. If it is real, friendship also generates the most sublime sentiments, because it is company, strength, support, energy, advice and value; everything that inevitably leads to happiness. Ah, and it can also make you a little clumsy, garrulous, and silly.

sp minion 3D
di einstein 3D vrijstaand


Genius is also whimsical, and all that is white also has a large dose of genius. Nobody said that the flower was beautiful, due to having large petals, when like hair, those of this one also looked wonderful. Beauty, genius and form are taken to the grave, but in life brother, in life, you should enjoy this flower. Breathe it, touch it, observe it in its unruly harmony.


Combinations are for the daring, for the brave. Nature, in its infinite creativity and in an outpouring of ingenuity, combined two beautiful colours in its palette, and as a result achieved a powerful formula for the expression of that which emerges from the heart. White and violet together awaken profound sentiments that transcend words; the lyrical and poetic pale when a flower can, all by itself, fully encompass this universe called LOVE.

sp stripy 3D
sp montes 3D vrijstaand 783px


It is said that Dionysus was the god of wine and cultivation, and by his mandate and provision, flowers would always be close friends with that which man fermented, just as madness is a close friend of genius. In the end it is true. In the end, we all like to feel a little impressive, crazy, and surprising, just like good wine, just like the best flowers.

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