Chrysanthemums with a focus on sustainability
Sustainability is a comprehensive concept that involves a myriad of topics such as energy consumption, the way people are treated, the reduction of the carbon footprint, and so much more. At Dekker Chrysanten, we define sustainability as working to create a better world.

An optimum climate, also for the environment

We produce nearly all the electricity we need at our location in Hensbroek ourselves by using CHPs (combined heat and power systems). Climate screens keep the heat inside and installations and systems for regulating the climate are selected based on low energy consumption and long service life. Moreover, we have been producing in Tanzania for many years, where the climate conditions are perfect for the cultivation of chrysanthemum cuttings which allows us to cultivate with a minimum of energy input.


Reduction in the use of plant protection products

Integrated pest management (IPM) is the norm these days. In IPM, the emphasis lies on the use of biological pest control and only when necessary is the use of beneficial insects supported by chemical corrective agents. This approach has significantly reduced the use of chemical agents in chrysanthemum cultivation. Dekker Chrysanten also only uses bee-friendly products that are neonicotinoid-free.

And, if it's up to Dekker Chrysanten, the use of chemical products can be even further reduced. A variety that is naturally resistant to diseases and pests is less likely to require assistance to stay healthy. DNA technology enables our breeders to select varieties for their resistance to diseases and pests right at the start of the breeding process.

Social involvement

At Dekker Chrysanten, our employees are assured of a job with prospects. They are given opportunities to develop themselves by being given responsibility and we provide support for education and training. This helps them to develop themselves, which in turn helps to further develop Dekker Chrysanten as a company.

We want to be a company that adds value to the regions in which we operate. With our international locations, such as those in Tanzania and Colombia, we have an opportunity to be of greater value to the regions in which we are active. Our employees at our production locations can always count on being treated fairly. We pay a good salary, ensure safe working conditions, and offer them opportunities to turn their ambitions into careers. Schools near our production location can rely on our support, as we provide them with much-needed educational materials. We use our presence at these locations to help the local economy to blossom.


Working conditions

No matter which location in the world our employees find themselves at, they can always count on good and safe working conditions. Automation and mechanization has already made much of the physical work in ornamentals cultivation redundant and we continue to take measures, where possible, to make the work more enjoyable and more challenging.

Fair and honest business

As a family business we are not focused on short-term profits. Instead, we concentrate on continuity for the generations that will follow. This approach makes us an attractive business partner for our clients. Our approach to business is defined by the fact that we also like to give something to others, that we live up to our agreements, and that we recognize each other's qualities and utilize them to take steps forward together.