Chrysanthemum Valley

The vision for a colourful future

Dekker Chrysanten presents an update of the state of affairs of chrysanthemum breeding five times a year. This takes place at Chrysanthemum Valley, an event organized for growers and exporters. The current varieties can be seen in bloom at all branches: in the Netherlands, South Africa, and Colombia. Not only are the most sold varieties on display, but so are promising new varieties. The highlight of Chrysanthemum Valley is the international edition held every year in Hensbroek. With customers from far and wide invited to the event.

Chrysanthemum Valley is the perfect indicator for everyone interested in the latest innovations in varieties, cultivation, and cultivation technology. By bringing together cultivators and trade, it is also the perfect occasion for exchanging experiences. By spreading the various editions throughout the year, cultivators also gain a good impression of how the varieties perform across the seasons.

The Promise of a Flower

Dekker Chrysanten has been working with the DNA of chrysanthemums for more than 50 years. The DNA of one of these plants can lead to the discovery of new varieties. Every day we strive to improve our products in shape and colour. In this new film you can see how research is being done within Dekker Chrysanten for new varieties and how these new varieties grow into the most beautiful flowers that we proudly share with everyone, worldwide!
Are you curious what we do to bring the perfect chrysanthemum to the world? View our film "The promise of a Flower"


Montes: a wine-maker and greenhouse-grower

Chile was not known as a wine-making country until Vino Montes was founded in 1987. Over the next thirty years, the winery developed into the largest in the country. Perhaps coincidentally, the chrysanthemum of the same name grew just as heartily. A decorative white spray chrysanthemum, Montes features distinctly robust blooms and heavy branches. Just as wine-lovers can wax lyrical about the finish of a fine wine, chrysanthemum-lovers will love that the flower continues to grow in the vase, with blooms that expand in volume. Cheers to the success of Montes!

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