Dekker Chrysanten

Dekker colours your world
The world of ornamentals continues to inspire. This is certainly the case for a breeder and propagator like Dekker Chrysanten. In the space of half a century, we have transformed this inspiration into new varieties, new flower shapes, and new colours. This makes us one of the big players on the global stage who determine the future of the chrysanthemum sector.


Innovation on all fronts

Innovation has always been the driving force for Dekker, which remains a family business to this day. We have demonstrated on several fronts that innovation in the chrysanthemum sector is a continual process. This does not only apply to breeding or propagation, but also to the ground-breaking market introductions of revolutionary varieties such as the Santini, the Madiba®, or even a classic variety such as the Kennedy spray chrysanthemum.

We have also taken significant and innovative steps in breeding technology. We push the boundaries when it comes to energy, water, and nutrition. We break new ground with process automation. Thinking in terms of new opportunities is what defines Dekker.

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Locations across the world

With 1,200 employees, we also have the clout to play a meaningful role in the market and have the entire process from breeding new crossings to creating products ready for sale completely covered. We research, breed, propagate, trade, cultivate, and market. We have our own laboratory, test locations, and propagation and breeding companies.

With locations in the Netherlands, Tanzania, Colombia, and South Africa, we are able to respond to the needs and wishes of growers across the world; especially those that realize that the future of ornamentals cultivation is based on innovation. We are here to give colour to these innovations by colouring your world.