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The varieties that transformed the world of chrysanthemums
All varieties of Dekker Chrysanten are special. But certain varieties are truly unique, as they have incredibly rare characteristics. So, which varieties do you simply have to meet?

Topspin: a powerful effect!
As a spray and disbud chrysanthemum, this variety is like a rising sports star with a very promising future. Topspin plays a blinder, whatever time of the year. Thanks to its powerful genetics, it looks fantastic in the vase for a very long time – without breaking a sweat. Topspin’s bright white colour is no match for the competition and could well earn it legendary status. One of its talents lies in its flowers, which can be painted exquisitely in one or two-tone colours.

Altaj: one of a kind

‘One of a kind’ is a fitting description for the Altaj chrysanthemum. This flower’s name bears a rich history. The vast Siberian region of Altaj is characterized by imposing, snow-covered mountain peaks and icy blue lakes. It is easy to see why this snow-white chrysanthemum makes a suitable comparison. For decades, the region has been known as one of the largest sources for medicinal plants. The Altaj chrysanthemum does well in the Netherlands and can easily develop its elegant flowers which feature rounded flower strip. Thanks to its strong genes, this variety is well-suited for transport to all corners of Europe and Asia.

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Antonov: big is beautiful

While the name Antonov does not have the same grandiosity as that of the American Boeing or McDonnell Douglas, builder of the DC aircraft, Russian aircraft manufacturer Antonov did develop the world's largest aeroplane, the Antonov An-225. Intended to be an aircraft for the transport of space shuttles, it was also suitable for other cargo. And just like this Antonov was famous for its sheer size, size is what sets this chrysanthemum variety, which bears the same name, apart.

The flowers of the white disbud chrysanthemum Antonov can grow up to 20 centimetres. This creates a monumental impression, which gives the Antonov an exclusive and luxury appeal that no American can equal.

Kennedy: the first lady of chrysanthemums

One Kennedy – John F. – was in the White House for only two years, half a century ago. But the name Kennedy is still famous all over the world, perhaps also because of the reputation of his wife, Jackie. A wife who wasn't exactly your run-of-the-mill First Lady. Jackie wasn't one to stay behind the scenes. Quite the contrary, she had glamour, allure, and a vibrant style. Is it a coincidence that these are also the characteristics of a chrysanthemum variety with that name?

Dekker Chrysanten's ‘Kennedy’ is a very special, white, single-flowered chrysanthemum. But it's amazingly easy to colour and can even sport a ‘two-tone’ look. It's a variety that has everything it takes to be a resounding success and more. You could call it the First Lady of Chrysanthemums.

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Code Green: the code for success

Green varieties have been on the market for many years, and breeders are still delivering improvement after improvement. Just have a look at Code Green from Dekker Chrysanten's collection. The distinctive ‘pom-pom’ shape of the flower means consumers can't get enough of the plant. The colour gives an extra dimension to bouquets and flower arrangements. And exporters and traders are happy with a green chrysanthemum that holds its own in transit thanks to a bud that sits firmly on the stem.

AAA Doria, a colourful family

It was once a great family of nobles in Italy who flashed their wealth in the most flamboyant of ways. The Doria family are still a source of inspiration now, in the twenty-first century, as the name of a trendy Santini family. They are just as colourful as back then and a trendsetter, being the first pom-pom family in the Santini segment. The Doria family are still the show-offs they always were and lead a life of glamour – one only nobles can get away with.


Madiba®, a variety with African roots

Africa stands for colour. For colourful robes, for cheerfulness and for exuberance. Exactly the characteristics that fit a chrysanthemum with an African name: Madiba, the nickname of Nelson Mandela. What made Mandela unique as a president, makes Madiba distinctive as a chrysanthemum family: a variety with a sympathetic face. The chrysanthemum family of the same name produces one descendant after the other. Each with 30 to 40 small flowers per chrysanthemum, which has given Madiba a new impulse to the market. The memory of Africa lives on in the names, which are named after places in Tanzania - not coincidentally the country where Dekker Chrysanthemums grows cuttings on a large scale!

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