Varieties in the spotlight

The varieties that transformed the world of chrysanthemums
All varieties of Dekker Chrysanten are special. But certain varieties are truly unique, as they have incredibly rare characteristics. So, which varieties do you simply have to meet?

Let’s come Together!

Laurel & Hardy, Dolce & Gabbana, Jack & Jill, Bonnie & Clyde, Lennon & McCartney... the whole is sometimes more than the sum of its parts. These two different parts strengthen each other or compensate for one another in various ways: one possesses what the other lacks. This combination is what makes ‘Together’ unique, with two different colours – pink and white – joined in one single flower. The result shines brighter than the two colours on their own. Let's get Together!

sp together 3D vrijstaand2

Fianna leads the battle.

Powerful, tireless, and united: all characteristics that are wholly applicable to the Fianna – the warrior bands of medieval Ireland. The Fianna have still kept their power, prowess, and united spirit, but this time as a spray chrysanthemum. The eponymous variety by Dekker Chrysanten owes its name to this unrivalled uniformity, with each of Fianna's stems identical to the next. Add in a supremely long shelf life, and it's clear that those Irish warriors now have worthy successors in the ornamentals segment!

Kennedy: what's in a name?

One Kennedy – John F. – was in the White House for only two years, half a century ago. But the name Kennedy is still famous all over the world, perhaps also because of the reputation of his wife, Jackie. A wife who wasn't exactly your run-of-the-mill First Lady. Jackie wasn't one to stay behind the scenes. Quite the contrary, she had glamour, allure, and a vibrant style. Is it a coincidence that these are also the characteristics of a chrysanthemum variety with that name?

Dekker Chrysanten's ‘Kennedy’ is a very special, white, single-flowered chrysanthemum. But it's amazingly easy to colour and can even sport a ‘two-tone’ look. It's a variety that has everything it takes to be a resounding success and more. You could call it the First Lady of Chrysanthemums.

sp kennedy 3D vrijstaand 600
sp code green 3D vrijstaand 600

Code Green: the code for success

For centuries, tulip growers tried to create a black tulip, the symbol of exclusivity. This passion was shared by chrysanthemum breeders, but they were looking to breed the elusive green chrysanthemum. In the end, they succeeded in their mission.

Green varieties have been on the market for many years, and breeders are still delivering improvement after improvement. Just have a look at Code Green from Dekker Chrysanten's collection. The distinctive ‘pom-pom’ shape of the flower means consumers can't get enough of the plant. The colour gives an extra dimension to bouquets and flower arrangements. And exporters and traders are happy with a green chrysanthemum that holds its own in transit thanks to a bud that sits firmly on the stem. This one's got the green light – and a long career ahead of it!

The sky is the limit for Aviator

Humankind had to wait until 17 December 1903 before it took to the air, the year in which the Wright brothers made their first motorized flight. Although it only lasted twelve seconds, it was enough to usher in a new era. This first 'aviator’ duo inspired many to push the boundaries as well – including at Dekker Chrysanten.

Aviator helped our breeders reach a new peak in 2016 and create a variety with an extremely long shelf life. This ensures that the variety retains its characteristic green, fresh heart, especially during the summer. Its high quality has made it particularly popular in Eastern European countries.
Aviator is ready for take-off!

sp aviator 3D vrijstaand 600
sp memphis dark 3D vrijstaand 600

Memphis Dark? That's All Right Mama!

It's not the largest city in America, but it is the one that can lay claim to inventing rock 'n' roll. That's right: we're talking about Memphis, Tennessee. Elvis Presley made his first recording at the local Sun Studio (706 Union Avenue) in 1953. And the rest is history, as they say.

Memphis was the birthplace of a new kind of music that shook the world – sometimes literally, with the volume turned up loud. And volume is also what distinguishes Memphis Dark in the market, with its richly flowered stems. The deep purple colour contrasts beautifully with the large, green heart, and the flower's shelf life is particularly good. What else could Elvis have said than 'That's All Right Mama'?

sp whatsapp 3D vrijstaand 600

An appsolute success: AAA Whatsapp

Nobody makes phone calls any more. All we do is use chat apps, all day long. We send messages about the groceries, the holidays, the children, and even about what's on TV. Even in business communications WhatsApp is slowly taking the place of the traditional telephone call and e-mails. The new generation knows better than any other that WhatsApp has become the standard form of communication.

Similarly, the Whatsapp variety has become the standard for the use of Santinis in bouquets and flower arrangements. The Whatsapp, with its stunning dark-green flower, effortlessly combines with any colour bouquet while the volume adds a solid basis and full look. And the result is something to write home about... using a chat app.

Antonov: big is beautiful

While the name Antonov does not have the same grandiosity as that of the American Boeing or McDonnell Douglas, builder of the DC aircraft, Russian aircraft manufacturer Antonov did develop the world's largest aeroplane, the Antonov An-225. Intended to be an aircraft for the transport of space shuttles, it was also suitable for other cargo. And just like this Antonov was famous for its sheer size, size is what sets this chrysanthemum variety, which bears the same name, apart.

The flowers of the white disbud chrysanthemum Antonov can grow up to 20 centimetres. This creates a monumental impression, which gives the Antonov an exclusive and luxury appeal that no American can equal.

di antonov 3D vrijstaand 600

AAA Doria, a colourful family

It was once a great family of nobles in Italy who flashed their wealth in the most flamboyant of ways. The Doria family are still a source of inspiration now, in the twenty-first century, as the name of a trendy Santini family. They are just as colourful as back then and a trendsetter, being the first pom-pom family in the Santini segment. The Doria family are still the show-offs they always were and lead a life of glamour – one only nobles can get away with.


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