Mission & Vision

Our mission
To be the number one innovative and creative international supplier of famous revolutionary varieties.

Our vision
Using high-quality breeding and innovation, it is our task to lead the way in developments in the chrysanthemum sector and to give form to these developments with respect for nature.

What are our basic principles?

Ultimate perfection

Our buyers are critical and demanding and require ultimate perfection from our chrysanthemum cuttings.

To meet the expectations of our buyers, we continually strive to produce products with exceptional quality, uniformity, and to provide just-in-time delivery. We achieve this by continuing to invest in new developments and tools. We have a big reputation to maintain when it comes to technological innovations and continue to lead the sector in process automation, ICT, and energy supply (CHP), and have several patents registered to our name.


Inspirational supplier

Dekker Chrysanten is the inspirational supplier for revolutionary varieties.

Our approach to breeding is focused on searching for distinctive shapes, new colours, and favourable cultivation qualities. Furthermore, we also respond to trends in consumer behaviour and preferences when it comes to colour and shape. We have set the bar high: of the thousands of seedlings per year, only a few meet the strict selection requirements for introduction to the market. We also invest in fundamental and practical research for breeding and cultivation techniques.


Marketing according to Dekker Chrysanten: working together to cultivate new opportunities

Together with our clients we want to create opportunities that turn into successful market concepts. Together we can make a difference.


Corporate social responsibility

We do it right!