Collaboration in the chain

Dekker Chrysanten loves sharing knowledge
As one of the leading breeders and propagators for ornamentals, we love to share our knowledge and do so in various collaborations. Sometimes we work together with partners to create more effectiveness and efficiency in breeding, and at other times to promote the sector as an employer, or to make flowers top of mind again. But every collaboration is always based on the principle that we are stronger working together than working alone!


Dekker Chrysanten is one of the members of the GenNovation strategic partnership together with Florensis, Vletter & Den Haan, and Anthura. The objective of this partnership with other breeders and propagators is to speed up the development process of new varieties by sharing knowledge about genetic processes.



Plantum is the trade association for companies active in the propagation material sector. It is the consultation partner for government authorities and other stakeholders and has the objective to maintain and strengthen the international position of the Netherlands in the greenhouse horticultural sector. Dekker Chrysanten is a member of Plantum.

Seed Valley

Seed Valley is a platform for companies which are specialized in plant and seed technology. All the big companies in Noord-Holland, including Dekker Chrysanten, has joined Seed Valley. The purpose of Seed Valley is to promote the employment opportunities in plant breeding and seed technology amongst future employees and students.


Chrysanthemum Valley

The vision for a colourful future