A chrysanthemum with African roots.
A chrysanthemum with 30 to 40 small flowers per stem and a friendly, sweet appearance. A chrysanthemum with endless possibilities for mono bouquets, mixed bouquets, and flower arrangements. A complete product range with eight varieties, each of which exude the magic of Africa. This can only be the Madiba®, a completely new segment in the chrysanthemum market. Developed by Dekker Chrysanten.

Madiba® continues where Santini left off

Dekker Chrysanten spent many years breeding to create the perfect variety to revolutionize the market. The volume of flowers is bigger than ever, the flowers even smaller, and the colours are more vibrant. These factors combine to give this variety a unique look that the market can recognize and acknowledge. Not many species become a famous brand name, but the Madiba® certainly did.


A big name for a special variety

Madiba was the clan name of Nelson Mandela and used to affectionately refer to the former head of state. With the eight Madiba® varieties that have since been created, Dekker Chrysanten continues to build up from these African roots and all the different colours have been named after cities on the African continent. With the addition of the pretty pastel variety Tumbi Rosy in 2018, the product range continues to grow.

Dekker Chrysanten emphasizes the exclusivity of the Madiba® by limiting its sales. Only a restricted number of carefully selected growers are permitted to grow the Madiba® in their greenhouses.


Just like the Madiba® comes in many different colours, its uses are just as versatile. It can exude elegance as a mono bouquet with seven stems per sleeve which, through its sheer volume, creates the impression of a bouquet filled with many stems. Or it can be the eye-catcher in a bouquet which the Madiba® can make look fuller than any other flower. With Madiba® the possibilities are endless. A high-quality product grown on Dutch soil but with distinct African roots.