Face of the family: Renata Wit

Face of the family: Renata Wit-Obdam

At Dekker Chrysanten in Hensbroek, we work with over 170 professionals. In Face of the Family, we feature one of these professionals every month. Based on various questions, we would like to introduce you to our colleagues and offer insight into the various functions within our family business.

This month, we shine the spotlight on Renata Wit-Obdam, an essential member of our team at Dekker Chrysanten in Hensbroek. With nearly four decades of experience, Renata brings not only invaluable knowledge but also a deep passion for the agricultural sector. In this interview, we share her story, experiences, and dedication to her work at Dekker Chrysanten.

The Beginning

Renata's journey at Dekker began in 1985 when the company was not yet the breeder it is today. Back then, Dekker was solely a grower and propagator of chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemum varieties were purchased, and Dekker propagated them for resale to customers. "I used to pick the cuttings back then, but now this is done in Tanzania." In 1989, Niek Dekker started breeding chrysanthemum cuttings. As the daughter of an agricultural family, Renata had been interested in the green industry from a young age. It was no surprise that she continued her career in this sector.

Passion for Protection

Scouting chrysanthemums began as a natural interest for Renata. She quickly noticed the 'odd' plants and discovered that some of these abnormalities were due to viruses. This led her into the scouting profession, a role she has proudly fulfilled for over 30 years. Her day is filled with searching for pests and diseases throughout the greenhouse. From inspecting mother plants to counting harmful insects on yellow plates, Renata has developed a keen eye for protecting the crop. Fortunately, diseases are less common nowadays, but if one is detected, thorough research is conducted into its origin and cause.

Dedication to Quality

Every week, Renata walks through the greenhouse, inspects the crops, and reports any diseases or pests.

Collaboration and Pride

The best part of her job, she finds, is knowing every corner of the greenhouse and engaging with everyone. What she finds even more important is the constant challenge to do better. Renata enjoys sharing knowledge and witnessing growth among her colleagues. Her motto is, "Don't wait for knowledge to come to you; seek it out yourself."

Reliability and Passion

Renata views Dekker Chrysanten as a pleasant employer that is dependable. "Dekker offers employees the freedom to do their work as long as it gets done."

Her enthusiasm and dedication are infectious, and she is always ready to inspire others with her passion for the profession. If a tour of the company is needed, Renata is the designated person to do it.

If there's one person who represents the heart of Dekker Chrysanten, it's Renata. Her enthusiasm, dedication, and expertise make her an indispensable link within our team, and we are proud to spotlight her here.

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