Face of the Family: Erika van den Boogaart

At Dekker Chrysanten in Hensbroek, we work with over 170 professionals. In Face of the Family, we feature one of these professionals every month. Based on various questions, we would like to introduce you to our colleagues and offer insight into the various functions within our family business.

This month, we shine the spotlight on Erika van den Boogaart, a versatile member of our team at Dekker Chrysanten in Hensbroek. In this interview, we share her story, experiences and dedication to her work at Dekker.

The Beginning

Erika's journey at Dekker Chrysanthemums began when she was looking for a new job. Before joining Dekker, Erika had already gained experience as an office manager. Although the position offered was initially only a few hours a week, the vacancy caught her attention and she decided to go for an interview. This turned out to be a good choice.

New Challenges

"Erika comes from a family who all work in greenery and biology, but she herself has anything but green fingers. When she told her family that she was going to work for a chrysanthemum breeder, they chuckled a bit. "At first, I did wonder, what am I getting myself into?"

But soon Erika discovered that as an office manager or recruiter, you don't need green fingers at all. Besides, there are always colleagues eager to help her if she can't figure something out.

Despite her lack of green fingers, Erika has found her niche at Dekker. The many different branches within the company sometimes make it difficult to understand what is happening where, but that keeps the work interesting and challenging.

Versatile Function

As an office manager, Erika is an indispensable link. From arranging meetings to booking travel, and from answering phone calls to carefully managing the building - no task is too much for her. "Every day brings new challenges. From simple questions like 'do you have a paperclip?' to last-minute requests for things like gifts, it's always bustling here!"

But a new challenge has been added - she is now also involved in recruitment. As a recruiter, she scouts for new talent, primarily within our own network. This addition to her responsibilities calls for a fresh set of skills and knowledge, and Erika enthusiastically dives into this new challenge. She takes the time to get to know the various departments, gaining better insight into what each team needs for effective job profiles.

With her valuable experience as an office manager, Erika knows better than anyone how to support colleagues with all kinds of challenges. That expertise now comes in handy in her role as a recruiter, where she uses her positive attitude to attract the right talent and strengthen our team.

Cooperation and Pride

Erika's favorite part of her job is the interaction with people. "There's always someone popping in for a chat. It could be the mail carrier delivering a package or even the director stopping by to snack on the grapes from my plate. That personal interaction is what makes my work so enjoyable.

Opportunities and Growth

Erika experiences Dekker Chrysanten as a good employer that offers many opportunities. ‘It's a big company, but it doesn't feel like that. It's a family business and you really feel that. You're part of the ‘family’ and it's like that from day one. They really look at you as a person and not just as an employee. Just look at me: I started as an office manager and am now also a recruiter. I could never have imagined that.’

Enthusiasm and commitment

Erika's enthusiasm and dedication are evident. She enjoys the versatility of her work and the opportunities Dekker offers her. Her motto is simple: ‘I enjoy everything I do at Dekker!’ Her commitment and positive attitude make her a valuable member of the team at Dekker Chrysanten.

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