Get ready for the Future

A replacement for AAA Whatsapp, that's AAA Future. A new green santini pompon. Future excels in its dark green colour and its high uniformity within a bunch. 


Future is grown by three growers; Funny Santini, Van Helvoort Company & Prima Agro (Hans en Ruud Hendriks). Funny Santini will take care of the clock introduction with 200.000 stems per week. Prima Agro will have 15.000 stems available each week from week 34. Van Helvoort Company has an availability of 250.000 stems per week, which are available in direct lines. After Christmas there will be a further expansion of Future. This is possible through the acquisition of the greenhouse of Fleurwijk by VHC. Future therefore fits perfectly in the retail segment. 

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of this green star or would you like to receive samples? Then please contact our growers. Our growers are more than willing to look at the possibilities with you.

VBN code:                         126039
Growers:                           Funny Santini, Van Helvoort Company & Prima Agro
Information:                     AAA Future