Some new flower power

Bico Bonga

As of last Friday, our new Madiba variety Bica Bonga is available at the flower auctions of Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk. Bica Bonga is a perfect match for every bouquet and will add some real flower power to it. 

VBN code:      127530
Grower:          Madiba grower Kees de Jongh
Information:  Madiba Bico Bonga

In the mix

As of today, the first mixes of our three Kerio colours were available at the flower auction of Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk. The mix consist out of a flower container with three bunches of our Kerio's in it. Each bunch will have it's own colour, so with one flower container, you will buy all three available colours at once!

VBN code:     127552
Grower:         Madiba grower Kees de Jongh
Information: Kerio Gemengd