Face of the Family

At Dekker Chrysanten in Hensbroek, we work with more than 170 professionals. Professionals of which we are very proud, and we would like to introduce you to our colleagues.

We start with two colleagues who will be no strangers to many: Martijn and Rob. Both have been working here for over 21 years. Martijn (42 years old) is a driver, and Rob (47 years old) has been a driver for 19 years and has been arranging the planning of loading and unloading for 3.5 years. The working day starts early. Martijn gets into a fully loaded truck with cuttings at half past 4 and then drives his route past the growers. Rob starts his day by going through the planning; when this is all in order and the drivers are back from their route, the loading of new cuttings can begin.

Martijn en Rob Chaufeurs planning (4)3

The men work in a close-knit and sociable group of colleagues. They have a lot of contact with each other, and there is always time for a cup of coffee. This makes the work extra fun, they find. The contact with the customers and versatility also makes the work fun. Rob and Martijn have many great memories of working at Dekker. Rob always enjoyed the Truck Festival in Biddinghuizen and Zandvoort. Martijn always found driving for charity with disabled people very special and beautiful to do. Both experience Dekker Chrysanten as a good employer: "otherwise, you wouldn't work there for so long."