Dekker Chrysanten is bringing Tanzanian employees to the Netherlands for a five-day working visit

Seven employees from the locations in Tanzania will soon be visiting Dekker Chrysanten on a working visit that will last a working week. The delegation will be comprised of staff members in a supervisory role who work at three production locations in the African country. In Hensbroek, they will be offered the opportunity to expand their knowledge from 21 to 25 May.

Tanzania is an important international hub for Dekker Chrysanten. On an annual basis, over 500 million cuttings are propagated there. Dekker Chrysanten has production locations in Moshi, Kili, and Arusha, all at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. Here, the company propagates cuttings, operating under the name Dekker Bruins. There are Dutch supervisors at the three production locations. The remaining staff, between 800 and 900 employees, is comprised of local people. This means that Dekker is one of the largest employers in the area. Dekker has done a lot to make its production locations sustainable. As an example, a biomass boiler that burns the residual waste from coffee beans is used to heat the greenhouse.

Investing in people around the globe
Dekker Chrysanten is also investing in its staff in Tanzania. Here, the employees working at the three Chrysanthemum farms enjoy standard terms of employment. They are also offered opportunities to progress. The seven employees who will visit the Netherlands all hold positions of responsibility. Staff members in a supervisory role receive English classes as standard practice.
Dekker Bruin took the decision to provide lunch to all its employees in the afternoon each working day. A nurse who trained in a hospital is present on each working day. Children of employees are offered the opportunity to receive education.

Token of appreciation
The seven employees who will be on a working visit in the Netherlands are responsible for a number of matters, including MPS-GAP certification, plucking cuttings, watering the plants, the cooling cells, and the machinery. Two assistant managers from the farm will also travel to the Netherlands. The purpose of the trip is not just to expand knowledge. ‘This trip concerns people who have shown tremendous growth within our company and represent significant value. That is why we view this as a token of appreciation to the employees. Each employee will get to see a department that matches their current role. Naturally, we will also show them some of what the Netherlands has to offer,’ explains Henk Jacobs, the CEO of Dekker Chrysanten.

The Tanzanian employees are sure to have an amazing trip. Six of the seven participants have never travelled abroad before. A number of them had to apply for passports specifically for this trip.

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