Mona Lisa Pink becomes history

Mona Lisa Pink was introduced to the Dutch market twenty years ago. Mona Lisa was pioneering at the time due to its strong transportability. It was one of the first varieties to be transported well over long distances.

Partly due to the cold tolerance of the variety, Mona Lisa was also widely used in other growing areas. During those years, Mona Lisa contributed to the development of Dutch chrysanthemum cultivation.

Fortunately, genetics continues to develop and as a result Fianna makes the variety Mona Lisa Pink forget.

The strong properties make Fianna very suitable for every market segment. Think of:

  • Shelf life
  • Very easy to process
  • Good filling
  • Stable colour
  • High uniformity.

In the market this means that Vitaflor will harvest the last Mona Lisa Pink in week 22. Due to the effects of Covid-19, Vitaflor is taking a break from production. At the end of July, beginning of August, Vitaflor will start harvesting Fianna.

VBN Code: 117285
Grower: Vitaflor
Information Fianna