Dekker Chrysanten

New Exopolis Pink and supply Exopolis

Week 8 grower Vitaflor introduces the new spray Chrysanthemum Exopolis Pink. The lighter version of the successful sister Exopolis is supplied at the Dutch flower auctions Royal FloraHolland Aalsmeer en Naaldwijk with 25.000 stems per week. Exopolis Pink is an exclusive decorative spray Chrysanthemum with a beautiful weight, even in the summer months.

VBN code: 120404
Grower: Vitaflor
Information: Exopolis Pink

In week 8 Vitaflor also starts to supply Exopolis with 25.000 stems per week. In week 15 this number doubles to 50.000 stems per week.

VBN code: 107004
Grower: Vitaflor
Information: Exopolis