Pompon introduction week

Week 14 a week with 4 new pompon introductions. The Santini segment gets 3 new varieties and the Madiba's also add a new variety to the segment. 

TooGood, NonStop en GoGo

Happy with these new varieties! There will be 3 new varieties introduced by Van Helvoort Company. VHC is a real family company, run by Gert van Helvoort and his three sons. 3 brothers and 3 new varieties, don't you think they are pretty? 

Starting Friday April 2 AAA TooGood (orange), AAA NonStop (purple) and AAA GoGo (white) will be available daily at the webshop of VHC and at the auction with 12,000 stems per week of each variety. The varieties will provide even more diversity at Van Helvoort Company.

VBN code TooGood:     126036
VBN code NonStop:      126035
VBN code GoGo:           126034
Grower:                           Van Helvoort Company
Information:                   AAA TooGood, AAA NonStop & AAA GoGo    

Madiba Yellow Kayli

Do you already know our Madiba White Kayli? The new Madiba Yellow Kayli is a mutation of that. Yellow Kayli is a new pompom Madiba that will be added to the assortment in week 14. Yellow Kayli stands out because of its fresh yellow colour. 

Madiba Yellow Kayli will be offered from week 14 with 15,000 stems per week in the Fleur Primeur of Royal FloraHolland Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk. 

VBN code:       126037
Grower:           Westeringh Flowers
Information:   Madiba Yellow Kayli