The pearl Albarino

Introduction Albarino

Look at those beautiful pompon flowers. They look just like pearls, don't they? Albarino is a new pompon chrysanthemum named after the white grape Albarino. The Albarino grape is the hidden pearl of the vineyard and is usually a dry refreshing wine. Albarino will therefore be able to provide a fresh look in the bouquet or arrangement. Week 6, Albarino will be introduced by Van Wordragen Flowers.


VBN code:     125274

Grower:         Van Wordragen Flowers

Information:  Albarino

Flowers Magazine

Last week, a new Russian magazine, Flowers Magazine, was released with the theme of Valentine's Day. 

In this magazine you can see creations of top florist Olga Sharova. Olga is art director of wholesaler ''7 FLOWERS'' in Moscow and leads florists school ''Flowers in Details''. 

It includes inspiration with Montes and our new topspin. With its perfect vase life, easy paintability and reliability, topspin gives you endless possibilities. 

The Russian magazine can be viewed in this link. 


Arranger: Olga Sharova