Two new pompon colours, they are beautiful

Two new pompon colours, they are awesome! The new variety AAA Rosia is a new pompon which excels by its soft pink colour. 

AAA Rosia is available from week 42 at Chrywijk. The variety will be auctioned in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk with 25,000 stems each week.

VBN code: 125398

Besides the beautiful soft coloured AAA Rosia, Chrywijk introduces this week also AAA Doria White. 

AAA Doria White is a nice fresh pompon with a green centre. 

The AAA Doria White will be available with 15.000 stems each week at the Royal FloraHolland auction Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk.


VBN code: 125618
Kweker: Chrywijk BV
Informatie: AAA Rosia / AAA Doria White