Van Helvoort Company is nominated for the Greenovation Award

The plastic for 30 million Santini stems is being replaced by paper sleeves. It is a huge challenge, but at Van Helvoort Company they are enthusiastic about him. At the end of 2020, no more santini forests in plastic are allowed to leave the house at the four branches of the family business. With an area of more than 12 hectares, the company is the market leader in the production of santinis. There are on average 20 different varieties of Dekker Chrysanthemums in the greenhouses.



Half of the total production, 30 million stems, is now packaged in plastic. As part of the sustainability policy, the plastic for the covers must now believe. A paper alternative has been developed in collaboration with cover supplier Van Iperen. By shortening the underside a little, the paper does not suffer from water when the santinis are in buckets. The initiative has already been rewarded by Royal FloraHolland with a nomination for the Greenovation Award. And of course Gert, Evert, Henk and Frans also want to win it. Give it a helping hand and vote with us!