Trade Talk: Hoven en de Mooij

There are few things as fascinating as the vibrant world of the international flower trade. Every day, countless companies work tirelessly to facilitate this global flow of flowers and plants. In our monthly column “Trade Talk,” we spotlight one of these companies, delving into their history, their relationship with us as chrysanthemum breeders, and of course, their experiences with the many varieties Dekker has introduced over the years.

This time, we’d like to introduce you to Hoven en de Mooij.

Regular readers might recognize the name: this isn’t the first time Hoven en de Mooij has been featured in our Trade Talk column. Over a year ago, we wrote about this company, with Maarten van Duijn then serving as the chrysanthemum buyer. However, much has changed since then. Maarten has pursued a different career, and his departure paved the way for a new, remarkable addition: Cain. At just 19 years old, Cain is perhaps the youngest chrysanthemum buyer at the moment. This noteworthy fact makes Hoven en de Mooij worth mentioning again.

About Hoven en de Mooij

Located on the Royal FloraHolland auction grounds in Aalsmeer, Hoven en de Mooij specializes in selling cut flowers to exporters, wholesalers, and other trading parties. Acting as a bridge between the auction clock and other traders, Hoven en de Mooij caters to specific customer demands and specialized requests. With a vast assortment of cut flowers, Hoven en de Mooij is the place where others find what they couldn’t source themselves. This makes Hoven en de Mooij an essential hub where supply and demand converge.

Young Talent

Every day, many employees at Hoven en de Mooij work hard to serve their customers optimally. Most of them have been with the family business for a long time, and some have even gained recognition within and beyond the sector. There is no shortage of passion and experience within Hoven en de Mooij! Yet, the company also manages to attract young blood, which is remarkable in an era where recruiting young talent is challenging.

Never going into flowers...

Anyone who has spoken to Cain knows instantly that he is serious: he is brimming with energy, highly motivated, and endlessly curious. These traits make Cain a perfect fit for the flower industry. However, Cain, born and raised in a flower family, had initially vowed never to enter the flower business. Early mornings weren’t appealing to him, and he preferred pursuing a sports education.

blood is thicker than water

Despite his initial resolve, Cain started working at Hoven en de Mooij three years ago to earn some extra money during the holidays. Once he was active in the dynamic world of flower trading, his enthusiasm grew, and Cain decided to abandon his sports education to focus on flowers. Cain was just 16 years old when he began working in distribution at Hoven en de Mooij, while simultaneously studying “Wholesale and Logistics.”

A Dream Come True

Although he considered studying “not his thing,” Cain excelled in his studies. Through an internship, he spent time at Hoven en de Mooij, where under the guidance of his mentors, he gradually adapted to the role of a buyer. Cain quickly showed progress, earning more responsibility and freedom within the organization. Ultimately, this led to an offer to take over Maarten van Duijn’s role—a dream come true!

Getting Used to It

Initially, chrysanthemums weren’t Cain’s product of choice. He was familiar with the product from his time in distribution and found it, in his words, “not that interesting,” with the exception of the disbud chrysanthemums. However, after a few months as a chrysanthemum buyer, his opinion completely changed. By getting to know the growers, the product, and the breeders better, Cain grew to appreciate the product. His absolute favorite is the pink disbud chrysanthemum Kalimba from Dekker Chrysanten. The intense colour, coarse flower, and large size make Kalimba a preferred choice for Cain, and he sees it selling quickly in the webshop. It is truly a favorite of both Cain and his customers!

The world at his feet

With his young age and boundless enthusiasm, the world is at Cain’s feet. There is still much to learn, and no two days are the same, keeping the challenge alive for Cain. He sees himself working at Hoven en de Mooij for a long time, the company that gave him the space and trust he needed. Within this company, he hopes to grow tremendously, both in knowledge and in sales volume, as befits a true trader. Thus, not only Hoven en de Mooij but our entire sector has gained a promising talent!