Trade Talk: Liga Flor

There is almost nothing as fascinating as the vibrant world of international flower trade. Daily, countless companies work tirelessly to facilitate the global flow of flowers and plants. In our monthly feature "Trade Talk," we spotlight one of these companies, delving into their history, their partnership with us as chrysanthemum breeders, and of course, their experiences with the numerous chrysanthemum varieties Dekker has introduced over the years.

This time, we invite you to discover Liga Flor.

The chrysanthemum possesses numerous fine qualities that make it highly appealing. Notably, it stands out for its exceptional vase life and remarkable durability. This, coupled with excellent transportability, makes the chrysanthemum a favorite among flower traders focusing on distant markets. Eastern Europe is one such area where many Dutch chrysanthemums are shipped. With major customers like Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Poland, numerous Dutch companies are active in selling flowers and plants to the East. Liga Flor is one of them, and in this edition of Trade Talk, we get to know this exporter better.

A Strong Beginning

Originally from Ukraine, Liga Flor was founded in 2014 by its two directors. With a commitment to service and quality, they initially began exporting flowers and plants to Ukraine. From the outset, maintaining control over the entire process from procurement to delivery has been crucial for ensuring complete customer satisfaction and delivering products of excellent quality. The use of a pre-cooler further enhances their operations.

Turning Point

Initially focusing on Ukraine, Liga Flor now also supplies flowers and plants to countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, and Lithuania. The international sales team now comprises a diverse group, ensuring customers receive assistance in their own language. Some of these focus countries have rapidly become major customers, with Bulgaria, alongside Ukraine, now one of the largest buyers from this exporter based in Naaldwijk.

Driven by Passion

As mentioned, Liga Flor boasts a team of international salespeople, including Ieva. Ieva has been with Liga Flor for five years, starting initially as a box worker and now excelling as a saleswoman. Her experience in handling and packaging flowers and plants allows her to provide customers with valuable insights. Ieva believes storytelling about products is crucial for successful sales, alongside a strong enthusiasm for the products she sells. Ieva's passion lies in the variety of colors and shapes of flowers and plants, which change with each season, ensuring that no day is the same. Besides sales, Ieva channels her passion into managing the company's social media, where she creates and shares inspiring content.

A True Powerhouse!

Liga Flor trades in both flowers and plants, with a significant portion consisting of roses, lilies, and chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemums are particularly valued by Liga Flor's customers for their excellent transportability and long shelf life, making them ideal for long transport routes to Eastern Europe. Ieva mentions focusing on core colors like white, yellow, and pink, with Dekker varieties such as Kennedy, Dutchmaster, and Optimist being popular choices among her customers. In addition to spray chrysanthemums, the company handles substantial quantities of santinis, where the Dekker range is also well-represented. From classics like Aurinko and Doria to newer varieties like Peptalk and Bumper, Ieva encounters them regularly.

Stronger Together

Ieva attributes the strong demand for Dekker varieties among her customers to Dekker Chrysanthemums' effective promotion of their flower assortment. Whether through social media or joint promotions of specific varieties, Ieva believes Dekker Chrysanthemums excels in showcasing their flower range. And thanks to passionate saleswomen like Ieva, these flowers find their way to end customers with ease.