NEW: Pompon Perfection!

Thursday 26 October was a special day for chrysanthemum lovers, as Dekker Chrysanten and Zentoo Chrysanten proudly presented the brand new Pompon-Perfection line to the trade parties present. The event, which took place at the Zentoo location "Leen Middelburg Chrysanten", attracted numerous interested visitors from the sector.

Simply true perfection!

The Pompon-Perfection range is a striking line of pompon-shaped spray chrysanthemums in various colours, including white, yellow, purple and orange. Here are the names of the different varieties:

  • Daydream.
    A sparkling yellow pompon with a fresh green heart: choose the winner's energy!
  • Bonus.
    White splendour with a touch of fresh green: dream away on the experience of victory!
  • Souvenir.
    The nostalgic Souvenir returns: the winner that never fades!
  • Souvenir Orange.
    The classic Souvenir now shines in fiery orange: choose a true champion's spirit!


Whether you fall for Bonus, Daydream, Souvenir, or Souvenir Orange, these chrysanthemums are true star performers! They are striking not only for their colour, but also for their unique flower shape and impressive shelf life.

From this week, you can admire these dream team chrysanthemums, all under the banner of Zentoo Chrysanthemums. Choose for pompom perfection; choose for the champions!

Don't miss this opportunity to add these gorgeous chrysanthemums to your assortment and surprise your customers with their beauty and quality.