Trade Talk: Hans Visser

Each month with Trade Talk, we shine a light on a trading partner selling Dekker Chrysanten's chrysanthemum varieties. We explore the company, its relationship with us as a breeder, and its experiences with the various chrysanthemum varieties Dekker has marketed.

This month, we take a look at Hans Visser, and we talk to Stefan Schaafsma, a passionate buyer of Chrysanthemums with no less than 23 years of experience at Hans Visser. His wealth of experience and deep-rooted commitment to the flower industry make him a valuable player in the team of buyers.

A hereditary calling

Stefan Schaafsma, a familiar face at Hans Visser, inherited the flower trade from an early age. With his father, who worked for Hans Visser for a remarkable 55 years, Stefan took his first steps into the world of flowers. His holidays were spent on the work floor of Hans Visser, and thanks to his father's experience and dedication, Stefan naturally rolled into the business. With 23 years of service as a buyer, he has more than earned his stripes.

A dynamic sport

For Stefan, buying flowers is an exciting sport. Every day, he sees it as a challenge to acquire the most beautiful flowers at a good price and thereby generate profit for Hans Visser. With a smile on his face, he goes to work daily, as, in his words, "every day is different, and every day a bit more."

A Blooming Story

Hans Visser, originally rooted as a family business, has evolved into one of the largest flower exporters in the Netherlands. Their history reflects the rich tradition of the Dutch flower sector, while embracing the modern global flower trade with open arms.

The market and the assortment

Hans Visser serves the European market, with a strong focus on the eastern European market, including countries such as the Czech Republic, Serbia, Greece, Spain, France, and even Tahiti. According to Stefan, it is always busy, partly due to the many holidays when flowers are purchased. Chrysanthemums act as bait; once convinced of the quality of chrysanthemums, customers often buy other flowers as well.

The assortment of Hans Visser is versatile and includes not only a range of beautiful cut flowers but also refreshing cut greens and decoration materials. Specialized sellers offer thousands of types of fresh flowers daily, providing customers with a wide range of choices to meet their preferences.

Roses are the most purchased, but chrysanthemums follow closely. Many spray chrysanthemums are bought, as well as santini and disbud varieties. Stefan is a fan of varieties like Baronia and Jolene, known for their good weight, beautiful colour, and satisfied customers. For him, it is crucial that the flowers are easy to transport as they are often on the road for three days before they are unwrapped.

Quality and Relationship with Dekker Chrysanten

Stefan emphasizes the importance of quality, not only for transportation but also to uphold the reputation of the growers. A bad experience can lead to customers avoiding certain growers, so he pays a lot of attention to the quality of his purchases. The relationship with Dekker Chrysanten is described as good with a personal touch: "I always make time for you." According to Stefan, the assortment of Dekker Chrysanten is synonymous with quality, and the high prices testify to that quality. "Good growers often cultivate Dekker varieties, and the prices reflect the above-average quality." For Stefan, the price does not lie; it is an indicator of the exceptional quality that characterizes the collaboration with Dekker Chrysanten.