Dekker Chrysanten continues with the perfect pitch.

Yellow Strike has already been introduced by Cornelis Jan. Yellow Strike stands for reliability. It offers a package of identical flowers. Flowers that look at you one by one and make you happy. The presentation as a mono product and in flower arrangements is a must. It is just such a variety for which the public stands on the benches. What a perfect pitch!

From week 24 up to and including week 27, Dekker Chrysanten will supply Yellow Strike. From week 28, Cornelis Jan will structurally offer Yellow Strike.

VBN Code: 123044
Information Yellow Strike

gerco yellow strike

Gerco Drenker:
"The strength of Dekker Exclusive, where new varieties are promoted, has a very good effect! The quality delivered results in recalls and brand awareness among customers of exporters. As a result, Yellow Strike has quickly taken a permanent place in the range of exporters and their customers.!"