Face of the family: Niels Langedijk

At Dekker Chrysanten in Hensbroek, we work with over 170 professionals. In Face of the Family, we feature one of these professionals every month. Based on various questions, we would like to introduce you to our colleagues and offer insight into the various functions within our family business.

This month, we would like to introduce you to Niels Langedijk, a valuable force at Dekker Chrysanten. Niels has been working for Dekker Chrysanten for 25 years and currently fulfils the role of order picker. In this interview, we share his experiences and working day at Dekker Chrysanten.

A vibrant career at Dekker

Niels has been part of the Dekker team since 1999. With a quarter of a century of experience, he is an indispensable part of the order processing of our chrysanthemum cuttings. After being processed, our chrysanthemum cuttings arrive at the logistics department to be prepared for delivery to our customers. In his role as order picker, Niels is responsible for processing orders, preparing the chrysanthemum cuttings for dispatch in the shipping department, and assisting in solving defects.

Niels started his career in the greenhouse, where a lot of manual work took place at the time. Soon, more and more tasks were taken over by machines. Today, his focus is mainly on order picking in the warehouse, where he works with a team of five to six colleagues and his days are filled with diversity.

Dynamic and teamwork

What makes Niels' work challenging is the constant variation. The unpredictability of the number of orders and possible machine breakdowns keeps the work challenging. Despite this, Niels emphasises the enjoyable contact with his colleagues and the fact that there is a lot of laughter on the shop floor. The day starts with processing the orders for the day and then moves on to planning for the next day, keeping track of what else is scanned in and placed in the cell.

A pleasant working environment

Niels enjoys the lively atmosphere in the workplace. With the convenience of living close by, he looks back on no year having been the same. His work as an order picker at Dekker Chrysanten offers not only challenge and variety, but also a close-knit team and a positive working environment.