Trade talk: West Flora Export

Each month with Trade talk, we highlight one of the trading parties that sell Dekker Chrysanthemums' varieties. We find out more about the company, its relationship with us as a breeder, and its experiences with the many chrysanthemum varieties Dekker has launched on the market.

This month, we visited West Flora Export 

In this edition of Tradetalk, we take you to the bustling auction grounds of Royal FloraHolland in Naaldwijk, where we had a special meeting with Dmitry. He has been working as a chrysanthemum buyer at West Flora Export for seven years.
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Exception to the rule

In previous editions of Trade talk, we usually talked to buyers who were more or less born and bred in the flower industry. This time, however, we found an exception to that rule, as Dmitry, the buyer of chrysanthemums at West Flora Export, has absolutely no background in the flower sector. Yet he managed to make the industry his own in just a few years time, and has been growing together with West Flora Export ever since.

Top quality is their standard!

That Dmitry's drive is a good match for the Naaldwijk-based exporter becomes immediately evident from the fact that West Flora Export itself has also grown into a respected exporter of flowers and plants in just a few years time. Indeed, West Flora Export's story began only seven years ago, when founder Arthur started the company and focused on exporting high-quality flowers and plants. Now, seven years later, West Flora Export has a wide constituency of customers and offers its customers every plant and flower available at the auction. Its customers are mainly in Eastern European markets, including Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Poland, but West Flora Export also supplies other areas, such as Spain.


No is not an option!

One of West Flora Export's best-selling products is the chrysanthemum, which is thanks to the product's excellent transportability and shelf life. When it comes to the type of chrysanthemum, the Westland exporter sells pretty much every variety available. Madiba, Santini, Spray, and also Disbud: all types, shapes, colours, and sizes are offered by West Flora Export to its customers.

Only the best is good enough

So for chrysanthemums, West Flora Export is definitely the right place for its customers. Nevertheless, Dmitry does have his personal preferences, where he particularly values weight, quality, and a top-quality grower. "After all, the customer counts on flowers that meet the highest standards." Also in terms of the varieties once developed by Dekker, West Flora Export offers a wide range of chrysanthemum varieties, including Kennedy, Altaj, Antonov, Pyotr, Momoko, and Softone. Dmitry's own favorite is Baronia, with its beautiful colour, filled flowers, and good weight!


As part of the relationship between Dekker Chrysanten and West Flora Export, both parties work closely together to boost the sales of the chrysanthemums. For Dmitry, this cooperation is a logical choice, as, according to himself, Dekker's varieties almost always meet West Flora Export's strict requirements. On the one hand, this enables West Flora to meet their customer's wishes, and, on the other, it makes Dekker's varieties increase brand awareness. A real win-win situation!


Growing together!

With their wide range and commitment to quality and customer service, West Flora Export is a significant player in the flower industry. And together with Dekker Chrysanten, they will continue to grow within the dynamic world that characterises our green sector!